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Roulette Online Casino Singapore - Odds And Payments


The popularity of the betting game anyone will know. Therefore, today Roulette appears on all online betting sites and players are still crowded. On the surface, Roulette seems simple, but when the player is in contact, it can be seen that Roulette has many interesting things. In addition to betting on 1 out of 37 Roulette numbers there are many other types of bets for players to choose freely. Each bet type has its own odds.

We article below summarizes the bets that appear in Roulette. Players can refer to the following bet types and place bets if they want the best results. There is also a lot more to the odds and payouts that exist in Roulette.

Basic rate 

Players participating in Roulette betting depend on the payouts in online roulette and traditional casinos as it is also based on the range of the number of players betting. The player who bets should note whether it is a 1-zero or two-zero version, the house still has a betting advantage. Therefore, players need to consider choosing a betting number before Roulette spins.


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Players can bet many different types and all have their own odds. For example, if the bet is straight, the payout is 1:35. That means players only need to place 1 number and win will be rewarded 35 times the original deposit.

Even Bets

In an even bet a player has many different choices. Such as red or black bets, even or odd bets, 1 to 8 and 19 to 36 combination bets are all even options a player can choose. When participating in betting, players will pay an even amount equal to the odds they choose. Players who win bets will have a chance to receive a bonus doubling their amount. For the two-zeros version, the dealer's advantage increases even more.


The Roulette with two zeros is the American version. When playing this variation the house edge is up to 47.37%. This is a pretty high number in all online casino Singapore. Roulette is a game with very high odds, but the player who wins will receive a worthy profit.


For this bet type players will bet on the group of 12 numbers on the Roulette table. These 12 numbers are the result of dividing into three parts from the total on the Roulette wheel (1 to 12, 13 to 24, 25 to 36). Every 12 of these numbers will be paid by the player at odds from 2 to 1. That means if the player places £ 10, and when he wins the player will receive a profit of £ 30. This amount includes the initial bet.


For a dozen bets the odds are in the 31.58% range. Therefore, the house is always built-in and has a higher chance of winning if the player places a single bet.

Double Street

A double bet is a middle row bet, which wants players to bet on 6 numbers in a row. The player must place the chip on the corner that shares two numbers, either to the left or to the right. The bonus of this bet is quite high, if the player wins, he will receive a 5: 1 bonus. If calculated by percentage then the player has a 13.16% chance of winning.


The player selects the first 5 numbers in the same board and takes part in betting. The numbers consist of 1, 2, 3 and both zeros. In this case the chip is located at the corner shared between the numbers 0 and 1 or 0 and 3.


The amount is paid on this bet if the player wins and is 6 to 1, which is actually a profit. At 13.16%, this is the number of players that can win when taking the first 5 bets in Roulette. A bet with quite good returns, should participate.


Corner bets consist of 4 numbers touching each other. To play this bet a player places chips between the 4 numbers. If the player wins, the payout is 8: 1. A rate just right, not too high, and safe for players if luck has not come. The chance of winning the corner bet is 10.53% which is much higher than the appropriate odds and is a money when the payout is stated above.


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The player selects three numbers in the row, placing the chip next to each number in the row. For this bet the payout is 11: 1. This is also a bet with a relatively large payout in the Roulette bet types. However the chance of winning is only 7.8%, if the player has enough capital, and is lucky to chase this bet type is a great potential. But if not enough then this is not a safe bet.


Players bet between the two numbers they want and think they will win. When you win, you will be betting at 17: 1. According to the calculation of the odds the player will receive is 5.26%. This odds is a pretty solid number, but it cannot guarantee that players can win instantly with just one spin when participating in Roulette. The payout ratio is high, but the chance of winning is low.

Straight Up

This is a bet that tops the player's list of bets when participating in Roulette. Players only need to bet on a single number of the 37 numbers on the Roulette table. If this win happens the player will receive a bonus of up to 35: 1. This is the highest payout when participating in Roulette betting. For example players bet £ 10 and win £ 36 in prize money.


If the player is leisurely about the amount of money in their account, and likes to play big, they can choose to bet. High payouts always make players attractive. However, the higher the value, the greater the chance.


Roulette is a simple game, but it has many different types of bets. Each bet type has its own separate payout, with the payout odds of a different one. Players should remember if they want a high chance of winning the payout ratio is low. And conversely, the higher the payout, the greater the risk in the bet. Cashbet168's article aims to give people the most necessary knowledge about each way of betting and the payout ratio of each bet so that players can easily imagine and choose the right bet type.

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